Ali's Story
Wherever Ali was, fun would follow.

Ali Shae ColemanAll About Ali

Fun. That’s what Ali was always on the hunt for. And wherever she was, fun would follow.

In one afternoon, she could entertain herself with a box of popsicle sticks (to make fantastic crafts), a Katy Perry CD (for an impromptu dance party), a cozy quilt (to snuggle under as she read a favorite book) and a bottle of pink nail polish (for big brother Jack to use as he painted her nails).

 “She was like a magnet,” says Tiffany. “Once you entered her orbit, you didn’t want to leave.”

That even went for animals: Poonses, the stray cat who took up residence in her backyard as Ali underwent chemotherapy, seemed to know exactly when she needed a friend to cuddle.

The Book Series: The Adventures of Ali and Poonses

You can hear more about Ali’s favorite things, and her friendship with Poonses, in the soon-to-be-released books series, “The Adventures of Ali and Poonses – Friendship is Stronger than Cancer.”